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Jane Cohen, LIC.AC.

Jane CohenJane Cohen was born in New York, New York and grew up on the East Coast.  Her introduction to Colorado was studying music for several summers at the Aspen Music School. 

Her interest in acupuncture began as an offshoot of her experience practicing meditation and studying Buddhist philosophy.  She attended the College of Traditional Acupuncture in the UK, as well as the Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture and Assembly for Five Elements of Acupuncture where she received her Masters degree.  After studying acupuncture in both England and Florida, Jane became a licensed acupuncturist in 1991.

The work she does is based on the premise that underlying imbalances in the state of a person’s life-force energy, the energy known as chi, can result in illness.  Healing occurs by addressing the quality of the chi, along with various patterns of blockages in its flow, thus enabling dysfunction to be addressed from an energetic perspective and allowing energy to be restored to its healthy state.

Jane is also certified in Zero Balancing.  Zero Balancing was developed by an osteopathic physician who is also a practicing acupuncturist.  The premise is that the chi flowing through one’s bones can develop blockages that can be addressed with bone-level treatment. 

In her free time, Jane likes to take walks and hike in the summer, and ski in the winter.